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Welcome to EDMDesigns “Best Steampunk Jewelry Blog”

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Here is a little about The Best Steampunk Jewelry Blog. This blog features the amazing Steampunk Jewelry of EDMDesigns, and specifically jewelry creator and designer Ricky Wolbrom. Here you can travel through the history of Steampunk Jewelry design, from its humble beginnings to the designs that now seem ubiquitous, and see first hand how they first came into existence through the visionary concepts of this inspiring designer. So to start us off, here is a bit more about the history of EDMDesigns and its relationship to Steampunk.

EDMDesigns has been creating hand-made Steampunk jewelry since the inception of the Steampunk aesthetic. Steampunk, which grew out of the COSPLAY/LARP genres that concentrated heavily on Victorian and Antiquarian themes, reveled in spectacular costumes of authentic antique clothing and brand new creations that would have made our ancestors jealous. Jewelry for this new movement became an increasingly important detail to accentuate amazing costumes that melded futuristic and steam-era elements in truly breath-taking ways.

One of the very first jewelry accessories created to compliment these grand outfits were cuff links made from antique wrist watches – without the case – revealing the stunning intricacy of the watch movement itself in all of its meticulous, miniature gear magnificence.

EDMDesigns was the first Steampunk jeweler to actually match two identical watches necessary to create a pair of cuff links, so both pieces looked the same (prior to this, two non-matching watches were the norm). Then we decided that we could do better, so we actually studied these vintage watch pieces carefully and started making matched, brand-name cuff links, and a jewelry empire was born.

Since those early days, for over a decade EDMDesigns has been at the forefront of the Steampunk jewelry niche, introducing designs that would set the bar for the entire genre. There is rarely a Steampunk jewelry item to be found that can’t trace its roots to one of our original designs.

First being picked up by avant-garde fashion magazines, we were featured on the cover of Auxiliary magazine (a stunning ring that we still sell today) and eventually we were recognized within the pages of GQ, Maxim, Vogue, etc., as the unique Steampunk fashion genre caught fire within the fashion world.

In this blog we hope to revisit some of our early innovations as well as feature new designs that the world has yet to see. We hope that you will join us and share your thoughts about this ever-popular genre that is still growing, as evidenced by the annual Burning Man pilgrimage and not-so-subtle references in mainstream media and entertainment.

Thanks for stopping by – we hope you’ll come back often, and invite your friends!

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