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EDMDesigns Cuff in Time Out New York Magazine

EDMDesigns Cuff in Time Out N.Y.

Very early in the history of Steampunk Jewelry, EDMDesigns was already setting new standards and re-defining what people’s understanding of the genre could actually be. As evidence of this creative vision and thinking “outside the box”, check out this incredibly unique design. It is, of course, an easily worn cuff bracelet. But that’s where its similarities to ordinary come to an end. What you’ll see is an off-the-charts antique/industrial/clockwork/gear-laden Steampunk masterpiece.

Best Steampunk Industrial Cuff Bracelet by EDMDesignsThe unexpected and heretofore unseen edginess of this design got immediate attention in forward-thinking press publications, both in print and online. As seen here, in the November 2009 issue of Time Out New York, this cuff anchors the Holiday Buyer’s Guide with the heading of “I IS FOR INDUSTRIAL”. Up to this point, no one had seen anything like it, and nearly a decade later it continues to serve as the “inspiration” for other jewelers (mostly crafters) who have to look to others for direction.

Steampunk Jewelry Bracelet Brass Lattice Cuff Brass Fleur-De-Lis Setting Grunge Movement Olive CrystalWhat is particularly satisfying about this piece is that despite its impressive design, it is very light and comfortable to wear. It features a vintage industrial-looking brass watch/clock mechanism with a well-suited addition of gears and a bronze, iridescent, facet-cut Swarovski crystal set within a particular type of antique watch gear with low side-walls and a gear-tooth bottom edge.

Steampunk Jewelry Necklace Brass Industrial Grunge Wings Bronze Crystal by EDMDesignsAll of this is placed on an antique-brass finished setting with Fleur-de-lis accents around the perimeter. This, in turn, is mounted on a matching antique-brass finished lattice-style adjustable bracelet cuff. The complimentary nature of all of the selected components elevate the final design to another level, and at the time, a first in the world of Steampunk. What’s more, unlike ANY other Steampunk jeweler at this time, EDMDesigns fully torch-soldered every aspect of this incredible bracelet (with the obvious exception of the leaded-glass crystal), which assures, despite its radical appearance, that this cuff could join the ranks of the best quality and most esoteric jewelry in the fashion industry, instead of simply being a craft project glued together by an amateur with no concept of soldering.

Silver Steampunk Jewelry Cuff Bracelet Silver Gears Best Jewelry by EDMDesignsThis design was so successful that it continues to be a top seller today, and though each one is unique, ensuring that you are getting a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, this piece always integrates wonderfully with the most discerning Steampunk aficionados. What’s more, we went on to create a silver version of this cuff bracelet, and each version of this cuff also is unique for each buyer. So please visit our shop and get your own version of this stunning cuff, in either silver or brass, or maybe both so you have one to wear no matter what outfit you are wearing! Click any of the photos to be taken directly to one of the cuffs, or Click Here to view our entire selection of Cuffs and Brackets.

Industrial Steampunk Necklace Jewelry Grunge Design Flight to the Past by EDMDesignsEDMDesigns even went on to create a spectacular Steampunk Necklace that compliments this bracelet while still being its own, unique piece of jewelry. As you can see, the necklace features a grungy pair of brass wings mounted to an extremely unique, multi-level saw-toothed gear in which is set a similarly grungy antique watch movement with exposed gears and a bronze iridescent Swarovski crystal set within a vintage, low-walled watch gear.

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