The Best Steampunk Watches of 2019

/The Best Steampunk Watches of 2019

The Best Steampunk Watches of 2019

Simply having the gears exposed doesn’t make a watch a steampunk watch! That is just a skeleton watch, which is not the same as a steampunk watch. A steampunk watch has to not only have victorian style, but a creative edge, and an old victorian-era feel. When there are so many fake steampunk watch pages out there, what should a real steampunk website do? We’ve created our list of best steampunk watches for 2019 so steampunk fans can find an authentic steampunk watch!

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1. Eer Steam Powered Entropy

This watch by Alchemy Gothic epitomizes steampunk style. It’s bold but inventive and even appears to be steam-powered itself. The watch is currently for sale for $310.95 at RebelsMarket.

2. Mechanical Pocket Watch Steam Punk Style

This steampunk pocket watch combines the mystery and fantasy of steampunk with an old school vintage pocket watch. The look completely changes based on what direction you are viewing it at, and if you have it open or closed. This is definitely a watch that stands out for its creativity and ingenuity. Get the watch on RebelsMarket for $70.65 here.

3. Dieselpunk Worn Watch

This watch has a post apocalyptic feel with elements of steampunk & dieselpunk. The patina appearance on the face along with the leather band make it the perfect watch to sport in a steampunk city after the apocalypse hits. The watch is available here from RebelsMarket for $139.

4. Tesla Analog Watch

This watch hails from the Amazon ( and has the inventive retro feel people love about steampunk. It currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating average for over 80 reviews! This watch was made by ThinkGeek and seems to keep selling out so get yours on Amazon for $129.99 before it’s too late!

5. Under Pressure

This watch is called Verne Voyage Dual after the steampunk hero, Jules Verne. The dials on the watch give it a nautical feel and the brass & steam pipes are classic steampunk. The green band is also a nice touch. This watch is available on Amazon for $65. Get it here.

6. Blue Roman

blue roman steampunk pocket watch

This pocket watch has a brilliantly designed look with blue, black and the appearance of gold for the inner workings. While it is for sale for just $14, the reviews are great. Check it out on

7. The Original

“The Original” by Aranwen is a cuff watch featuring large wings and jewels. It appears to be primarily a ladies watch and has the rebel edge that has come to be associated with steampunk. You can get it for $200 on RebelsMarket.

This watch has a much more subtle & classy look than the previous watches which makes it perfect if you have an important meeting with your airship company or have been elected to be the mayor of a steampunk city. It is available on Amazon for just $23.99.

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